Welcome to the Hulmeville Historical Society

This is the web site for the Hulmeville Historical Society. We are located in Hulmeville, Bucks County, PA.

The purpose of the Society is to raise awareness of the history behind our lovely Borough, help preserve our heritage, and organize and sponser numeous community events.


Help needed

The Hulmeville Historical Society is always in need of adults and youth (including those who need to do Community Service projects for school) to Volunteerr to help with our many events throughout the year. Here are some things you can do to help.
- Set-up, serve, or clean-up at the upcoming Soup Off;
- Welcome folks attending the Meet & Greet;
- Hide eggs for the Community Easter Egg Hunt.

Feel free to contact the Historical Society (stop by at any of our events and chat) foir more ideas.

The Historical Society currently has several openings on our Board of Directors and is looking for people with an interest in their town and helping with the Society. Currently the positions of Treasurer and Fund Raising chairperson are open.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Marce Heald.

Cat's Meow

There was great interest in our latest Cat's Meow piece, the Edward Hicks House. So our project coordinator, Mary Johnson, has ordered some extra pieces. Anyone still wanting to purchase one should contact her at 215-757-8412. There are still some of the previous Cat's Meow pieces available from Mary.

26 Week Club

Tickets are now available for the fall/winter edition of the 26 Week Club, a fundraising effort by the Historical Society. It's just $1 a week for 26 weeks to join and can be paid all at once or weekly. The more people who enter, the greater the winnings!

In order to make sure there are actually 26 weeks between drawings, the spring drawing will not take place at the Senior Luncheon (May 18th), but on May 27th at Borough Hall.

Tickets are available at most Historical Society events or by calling Joanna Ellis (215-752-0586) (leave a message).


Submit ideas and information

Anyone having any Borough news or information they would like to have posted in the Society's newsletter should contact Lorelei Bach by telephone (267-394-0259) or by email (revsbach@juno.com).

Current Edition

Read the current edition of the Society's newsletter

February - March 2016

A Blast From Hulmeville's Past

This year we will be featuring condensed excerpts from a lengthly piece entitled, "Boyhood in Hulmeville", written May 15, 1972, by former Hulmeville resident, Harry Schneider "Pat" Gill (1897-1982) and provided by former Archivist Don Haefner.

"Hulmeville was the greatest place in the whole world for a boy. As I recall, the first place to go was up to the Hibbs compound (where the fire house is now) where the big feed bins full of grain and all kind of machinery and chutes. At the entrance was a small office and weighing platform and outside, one or two horses were hitched to a beautiful wagon." (Read this newsletters entire excerpt.)


The Historical Society sponsors a number of events for the community each year. Everyone is welcome to attend, and everyone is even more welcome to help.

Upcoming soon!

Hulmeville Friends and Family Picnic

NOTE: Due to the weather predicted for June 5, (original scheduled date), the picnic will be held Sunday, June 12, from 11 AM until 4 PM.

The picnic will again be held at the Neshaminy Shore Picnic Club (Beaver Street and Park Lane) where there are swimming pools, basketball courts, horse shoe pits, minature golf, and much more. Food and beverage are provided Come see the new Mr. or Ms. Hulmeville get crowned (alternating years). A small donation to the Historical Society is requested for this event.

For a complete listing of the annual events, as well as any special work details or events, check our Events page.

Old Borough Hall

Board of Directors

  • President      - Marce Heald
  • Vice President - Eric Schmid
  • Archivist      - Nicole McKairnes
  • Treasurer      - currently vacant
  • Secretary      - Diane McKairnes
  • Auditor        - Doug Harris
  • By-Laws        - Joe Heald
  • Membership     - Steve Miscenzin
  • Chaplin/newsletter    - Lorelei Bach
  • Committee person    - Mary Johnson
  • Committee person    - Joanna Ellis
  • Committee person    - Britt Bartlett
  • Fundraising    - currently vacant