Welcome to the Hulmeville Historical Society

This is the web site for the Hulmeville Historical Society. We are located in Hulmeville, Bucks County, PA.

The purpose of the Society is to raise awareness of the history behind our lovely Borough, help preserve our heritage, and organize and sponser numeous community events.


Four score and seven years ago, Marce and Joe were sitting around with nothing to do.

Joe: "Let's go to the movies."

Marce: "No, I have a better idea. Let's form a historical society."

Joe: "OK."

And so it began. From such humble beginnings we now bring you the Hulmeville Historical Society!


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September 2013


The Historical Society sponsors a number of events for the community each year. Everyone is welcome to attend, and everyone is even more welcome to help.

Upcoming soon!

"The Delaware Canal" with author Marie Duess - 9/5/13

39th annual Old Towne Flea Market - 9/28/13

For a complete listing of the annual events, as well as any special work details or events, check our Events page.

Old Borough Hall

Board of Directors

  • President      - Marce Heald
  • Vice President - Nicole McKairnes
  • Archivist      - Eric Schmid
  • Treasurer      - Ron Robbins
  • Secretary      - June Robinson
  • Auditor        - Doug Harris
  • By-Laws        - Joe Heald
  • Membership     - Kim Vile
  • Chaplin/newsletter    - Lorelei Bach
  • Committee person    - Mary Johnson
  • Committee person    - Kay Nicastro
  • Committee person    - Britt Bartlett
  • Fundraising    - Kristen Rossi-Abell